Welcome to the Filmstorm Forums

Hey! Welcome to the Filmstorm Forums. :grinning:

This is a place where like-minded game developers and animators can come and discuss work, projects & tips and tricks for all different software packages.

Filmstorm encourages this forum to be a well mannered, professional place where resources will help shape game development and animation in the future.


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Hey, just signed up for the website membership and got here, I’m gonna guess that you’re in progress of website upgrades? Was wondering if you will be making “Motion Matching” available on your website :slight_smile:

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Hey @daveranan and welcome!

Yes, we have been making some big changes to the overall website and resources available.

As for our Motion Matching, we can make it directly available via our Asset Area - we are just uploading our resources and organizing it at the moment. Did you want me to PM you when it’s available?

Cheers :smiley:

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That’s what I was thinking :wink: Looking fresh and stylish! As a web designer I approve :+1:
I would greatly appreciate if you do!


Thanks for the kind words :smiley:

We have been working on it for a while now and it’s nice to finally have it coming online.

I’ll set a personal reminder to send you link to the motion matching project when it’s online and is available to download.

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Thank you for the invite for the forum, I hope I can find people here and finally find myself working in a company soon enough. I am looking for a job as of now

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Hi @joy211191 :wave:

Thanks for joining us here! We are looking forward to talking and getting to know everyone here.

Are you working on any exciting personal projects? If you want to share anything with us you can post it in our Game Development category

Looking forward to hearing more from you :smiley:

Hey, thank you for the invite! I have just recently started out with Unity over the past couple of weeks while all of the sport in Aus is down putting me out of a job haha.

Excited to hopefully talk to people and work on expanding my knowledge and abilities.
Your tutorials have been a great intro and have helped me out a lot. Any plans on making some tutorial videos using Playmaker?

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Hey @krockhunter and welcome!

That’s great! Exciting to see another aussie into game dev :smiley:

Yes we just started up these forums and it should turn into a great place to turn for resources and answers and a friendly chat.

Thanks for watching the tutorials, I have been working on a large series at the moment which mainly in C# for Unity but it starts really simple and I find it’s a lot more powerful than playmaker in some regards. Although I can make more tutorials on Playmaker for anything you need more explaining on :smiley:

Hope you’re finding lots to do in this COVID lockdown. Talk soon!

hello whats this? i got invited

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Hey @carlosfruitcup,

Welcome to the Filmstorm Forums and thanks for joining!

You can chat and post about anything related to game dev and animation in the forums and even show off your own projects. :+1:t3:

Looking forward to chatting soon!

Hey everyone, looking forward to get involved in this community :wink:

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Is there a timetable for when the Motion Matching Course will return? The link on the UE4 asset page is currently broken.

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Hi @sweetbabyjames,

Thanks for joining the forums! We are glad to have to you have you here.

Thanks for the heads up, since we recently went live with the new site it looks like the docs link is broken, I’ll get it fixed up and DM when’s it available :+1:t3:

Have a great day!


hello its me Anonymous you told me to come here for an easier chat should i take a picture of the PlayMaker of the PlayerModel after i press play?

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Hey there! Welcome to the forums, let me create a new topic and we chat about this there. I’ll tag you in it so you reply there. Also if get some screenshots or videos of what’s happening I’ll be able to help easier :+1:t3: