UE4 Open World Animset missing hands animations

Hello, ive recently purchased UE4 Open World Animset on Unreal Marketplace. It states in description that hands animations were included in 1.1 pack update, and that update is uploaded.

Once ive downloaded animset it turned out that there are no hands animations and ik bones arent animated at all (downloaded pack for 4.24.3 and 4.25.0 versions). While ik bones is a minor thing (i can fix that myself in motion builder, tho it would be better if it was allready done heh) missing hands animations makes this pack totally useless :confused: Ive tried to reach you via email during past 4 days from 2 differend email addresses with no success, so ive contacted Marketplace support and they told me that there was no update with animated hands uploaded. Can you please shed some light on this issue? How to get that 1.1 update with animated hands if its possible?