UE4 - Adventure Game Animation

Hello guys! I wanted to purchase Adventure Game Animation for UE4 and kinda terrified about last reviews in UE marketplace - there are 5 reviews with 1 star about root motion bug. Was that fixed?

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Hi @JackTheCat,

Yes this was corrected and fixed, although there has been a lot of talk on the marketplace lately that people are review bombing everyone’s products. Since the new review system came online everyone has been getting flooded with 1 star reviews, a bit sad especially when the comment of some reviews are when people don’t know how to use the animations or that we can’t include code because of the marketplace rules in submitting then. If you do run into any problems we are more than happy to help here. :smiley:

Yay! Thank you! Buying now. Cant wait ot use those!

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Thanks for the support!

Hey guys! The same day i buyed animation pack and its pretty awesome. Didnt notice any problems noticed in reviews. Great job!

But a… can i have a newbie question?

I have a fairly simple task that I have not yet found how to complete (and whether it can be done).

The point is simple: I have two animations on the montage (your bounce back and kick animation).

When the first animation ends, the second one starts abruptly without transition. Is it possible to do something to make it softer (as much as possible) or at least make a smooth transition to the idle position and then to attack one.

I feel that somewhere near, because if you play the animation bounce back in BP -the character smoothly moves back to idle without problems. And of course, I could instead of trying to make the anim montage i can just hit play AM delay and then again the AM in blueprint. However, I would like to figure out how to do this correctly.

I have attached my anim montage and two parts of it.

Anyone? :slight_smile: