Playmaker and Unity3D help with Movement

I used this mixamo animation is in in place?

are there any free root motion animations

no answers…? does that mean no solutions?

Yes I would recommend using package animations so you can see how to correctly setup root motions first. :+1:t3:

So doing it manually?

you have a tutorial on root motion right?

im gonna record a video and show you what happens when i press play

I couldn’t send it… but its’s like there’s an invisible wall in front of the character. What software do you use for root motion will Blender work?

Can i ask you what software this is?

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Autodesk’s Motionbuilder

is it available for mac?

No windows only. :slight_smile:

Will Blender do the job?

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Do your fps game videos need root bone as well?

Not quickly editing the animations will take months of work

Yes, although sometimes you use capsule based movement :+1:t3:

Oh then i need to find some free root motion ones?

What is a capsule based movement?

is Umotion pro good for root motion