Motion Matching for Unreal Engine

Hey everyone,

Our latest developments on Motion Matching for Unreal Engine can be downloaded two ways:

We are constantly working on the plugin to improve performance with each version.

Below are a set of tutorial series videos for getting started with the plugin:

Tutorial 1: Walkthrough

Tutorial 2: Creating Animation Analyzer

Tutorial 3: Your first Motion Matching Project

Tutorial 4: Installing the plugin

Tutorial 5: Setup your Character Blueprint

Tutorial 6: Link Character Blueprint Data to the Animation Blueprint

Tutorial 7: Creating Motion Matching nodes in AnimGraph

Tutorial 8: Final Playthrough and refining the Animation Analyzer

Overview 9: Motion Matching Gameplay Video

Hey there @daveranan ,

As requested if you check your Asset Area on the main site you can download the Motion Matching plugin for engine versions between 4.20-4.24


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Hey @sweetbabyjames,

This might be what you’re looking for. :+1:

Thank you so much! <3

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No worries! Happy to help! :smiley:


Several questions:
When will the plugin for 4.25 be available?
Do you have any more detailed material on integrating this with non locomotion animations (full body melee attack animations with a sword as an example) for example?
And what about anim notifiers (example for step sounds and particle effects)?
Is there a link to documentation (the one found in the Unreal Marketplace does not work:

like to know what has happened to this plugin, i paid for this and don’t have access to it and the links from my email are down…

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Hi @Mr_Tea_Rexx,

Not a problem at all, please let us know what your email is and we will generate a new link for you :+1:t3:

how do i message you directly cause its not showing in my assets area which its meant to be after purchase

You can either DM our profile, or send an email to with your question :+1:t3:

Also you can try logging into this link directly which will show your purchased downloads:

Let me know if that works :+1:t3:

nope still shows its empty, i emailed you , with proof of purchase

I’m still waiting MM 4.25 support i hope.

Also waiting for 4.25 support